HDPE Nets , Nylon Nets

Nylon bird netting has a higher break strength and longer durability. Given this reason, it is often used as strong barriers of buildings, offices and open airs to block birds out like pigeons. Nylon bird netting are available in green and black. Both are well blended with the surroundings. 3/4", 1" and 2" mesh sizes are provided to suit your special purposes. 50' × 50', 25' × 25', 25' × 50', 50' × 75', 50' × 100', 100' × 100' are at stock. The Garware safety nets are manufactured using heat set system and machine made knots. The heat treatment provides prevents skewing of nets and better knot stability. The uniform size of mesh and dimensional stability provides firmness and helps in uniform draping of nets. The nets are high on impact resistance and excellent mesh strength and UV resistance that will improves the nets life.

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